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Transmission Pumps 235045 * 237454 * L3241 * 6885175 * 3T5479 * 5S1601 * 238111 * 250244 * 238135 * 238122 * 250298 * 246317 * 75206390 * 6900782 * D87252 * E68680

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Transmission Pumps

Medal Hydraulics has into it product lines transmission pumps.

The transmission pump is the heart of your transmission, pumping hydraulic transmission fluid throughout the system. Its referred as the gear pump and has two gears. One gear is powered by the torque convertor hub which engages the inside gear of the pump. The other gear in the transmission pump is the outside gear which is driven by the inside gear. When these two gears run and rotate together they create a suction effect that keeps the transmission fluid moving. As the pressure increases the hydraulic system by the transmission pump its becomes effective. Transmission Pump produces pressure to push the transmission fluid and set in motion the valves inside the valve body and also the clutch and clutch bands as well as lubricate all of the parts inside and sends the fluids to the transmission cooler.

Medals transmission pump  are designed to maximize life, efficiency, and minimize noise.  Medals  transmission pump  are tested with oil at 100% load to guarantee their high performance, and subject to a thorough cleaning process to ensure very low contamination levels

Followings are our main Transmission Pump list:

L3241 * 6885175 * 3T5479 * 5S1601 * 238111 * 250244 * 238135 * 238122 * 250298 * 246317 * 235045 *  75206390 * 237454 * 6900782 * 41997003 * 95101035001 * D87252 * E68680

Find here Pump for Clark 18000 transmission model. Applied in several yellow line equipment, in brands such as Case, Michigan, Fiat.

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