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Medal Bombas Hidráulicas - Quality

The more than 400 products developed by Medal pass through the hands of a team of highly qualified and constantly trained to guarantee the best to their customers. Technicians and engineers monitor all production process with strict quality control and accuracy through advanced laboratory tests and technology.

The Medal products comply with international norms and quality standards, and its quality management system is certified by ISO 9001.


The Medal products are manufactured with the highest technology and specialized professionals to achieve the accuracy and reliability of original parts. The attention given to each product and applying the highest standards of quality, guarantee the products Medal maximum durability, safety and performance that your equipment needs. All these characteristics guarantee more performance from your equipment.

Follow these reccomendations to get a better life for your hydraulic pump:

1) Find out the reason for the damage to the product that is being replaced. If the cause is not eliminated, this also will damage.

2) Never assemble a new product in dubious cleaning circuit. Most damage occurs by working with contaminated oil.

3) Clean the tank without using tow. Remove and wash the tubes and hoses with pressurized liquid without leaving wastes.

4) Make sure that impurities have been completely removed of circuit.

5) Keep the correct oil level in the tank. With low level, the pump will draw air damaging all the circuit components.

6) Always observe periods of filters and oil change as instructed by manufacturer. Over time, the oil loses original features, making it very acidic. This process accelerates the wear of the components.

7) Make sure that the alignment of the pump with driving axel is not causing harmful efforts.

8) Start work with open circuit (no pressure) for a few minutes. Then gradually increase the pressure and speed until all air in the system is eliminated.

Accuracy and reliability in high technology products