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Hydraulic Pump Bidirectional 42cm/Rot B538042T

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Function: -
Model: -
Machine: -
Code: B538042T
Shaft Type: Ø7/8” Spline - 13 Teeth
Rotation: Bidirectional
Displacement: 42cm³/Rot
Mouting Flange: SAE “B” 2 holes
Maximum Continuous Pressure: 260 BAR
Maximum Intermittent Pressure: 290 BAR
Maximum Continuos Rotation: 2200 RPM
Minimum Intermittent Rotation: 350 RPM

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Model tags: B538042T, 538042T, 38042T, 8042T, 042T, 42T, 2T, B538042, B53804, B5380, B538, B53, B5

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